Short-wave ultraviolet radiation, in the “C” band of 200 to 280 nanometers, has been used in a wide range of germicidal applications since the late 1800s to destroy bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses. UV-C, or UVC, is often referred to as germicidal UV.  Ultraviolet light in this wavelength renders the organisms sterile. When organisms can no longer reproduce, they die.

The “C” wavelength of UV light targets the DNA of microorganisms, causing cell death or making replication impossible. The UVC energy kills or inactivates microbes and improves product quality, shelf-life and yield in food processing plants, water purification as well as medical fields such as operation theatre.

The actual life of a UVC light is 10 – 12,000 hours. The useful life is 8-9,000 hours.   UV output is measured with a radiometer.

UVC is only harmful under prolonged direct exposure – which is not generally an issue, since the devices are installed inside the box or are otherwise shielded to prevent exposure. Avoid direct exposure to protect the eyes and skin. UVC light cannot pass through glass. There is no harm to look through a glass. UVC also work on the principles of line of sight. Therefore it is important that the area which needs to be sanitized comes in direct fall of light.

Surfaces at shorter distances and in the direct line of sight of the UVC device receive higher UVC doses than surfaces in the shadow of equipment. Therefore, for effective usage make sure light falls directly on all surfaces of the object to be sanitized. As long as surfaces to be disinfected are within the line of sight of the lamp, it is fairly simple to provide appropriate dosing with a few minutes of UVC exposure. If required, please rotate the object to be sanitized so that all surfaces of the object receive direct UV for proper disinfection.

  • Disinfection & decontamination from bacteria & viruses
  • Philips 11W UV-C tubes (up to 9000 hours usable life)
  • Ergonomic design with front loading and easy choice of wooden or metal finish
  • Prevents surface to human transmission
  • UV-C Light based sanitization process
  • UVNATORB has auto cut-off for safety and two Philips 11W UV-C tubes. Dimensions are 16X16X13 inches.
  • Chemical free process

Uvnator can be used to sanitize a number of items (almost everything) used at homes, shops, clinics and offices.  Common applications and items to sanitize could be:

NewspapersBills and Bank ChequesElectronics such as mobile phone
ClothesSmall medical equipment such as stethoscopeBags, wallets & purses
MasksDelivery packagesDaily use items (keys, pens etc.)


COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS (Shops, offices, banks and factories)
Currency notes, coinsToolsMasks
NewspapersBills and Bank ChequesElectronics such as mobile phone
Daily use items (keys, pens etc.)Delivery packagesBags, wallets & purses


Clinics and Doctors Salon and SpaSchools/Colleges
MasksScissors, combs and nail toolsBags, wallets & purses
Small medical equipment such as

stethoscopes, surgical tools

Other small equipmentDaily use items (keys, pens etc.)
Eye goggles, face shield etc.TowelsBills and Bank Cheques


Please note that given UV works on line of sight principle as explained before, do not place the items on top of each other. Maintain distance between each item

No, you cannot disinfect any body parts by using Uvnator or any UV light. We recommend alcohol based liquid sanitizers and/or washing body parts with soap & water. UV light should not fall directly on skin or eyes. It may cause burns or damage eyes.

Uvnator is designed keeping safety precautions in mind. One should avoid direct contact of any body part with the UVC light or directly looking into the UVC tube. Please read about the product and UV on internet, our website and brochure to get effective results.

Sanitization takes anywhere between 2-10 mins depending on model type, object and surface types. Please read about the product and UV on internet, our website and brochure to get effective results.

No, medicines should not be sanitized using Uvnator.

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No. We do not recommend exposing batteries or power banks directly to UV light. Though, gadgets with internal batteries such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be sanitized.

UvnatorB has an auto cut- off safeguarding users from accidental opening of the doors and exposure to UV light. It also has a timer switch to prevent the light from being on for long durations.

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